CHARIVARI - alternative rock / noise-rock / post-punk / shoegaze music band from Bath, United Kingdom.


The term ‘Charivari’ is a folk tradition in which a mock parade is staged through a community accompanied by a discordant mock serenade; literally translating to ‘rough music’. Charivari is a genre-defying wall of sound, a band that explodes out of droning guitars and harsh noise into ethereal open soundscapes and melancholic reflective passages. Live shows never disappoint.

Charivari has undergone many lineup changes since 2013, with the first EP coming out in early 2015 and the single PURGE (Split single with Iceman Furniss Quintet, from Bristol) released through Nocturne Records. The upcoming debut LP, DESCENT is the last to feature bassist Richard Mogie, who has played in the band since its inception. Vocalist and guitarist Gary Say is the longest serving member of Charivari since 2013, with Rick Jones joining on drums in 2015 and Ben Thomas joining on lead guitar in 2017.

DESCENT was recorded in spring/summer of 2018 and is due for release in Autumn 2019 through Worst Bassist Records (date TBC)

First Single APHOTIC out now on all mediums

Second Single LOTUS EATER out now on bandcamp and soundcloud!! (Music video on the 20th of August)


  • Gary Say - guitars/vocals
  • Ben Thomas - guitars
  • Phil Millard - bass
  • Rick Jones - drums