Bollard - alternative rock / post-punk / indie rock / psychedelic rock band from Melbourne, Australia.


Hailing from Australia, Bollard's sound is a unique blend of a wide variety of influences both musically and culturally. From beginnings in the backstreets of North Melbourne to turning heads with chaotic shows all the country, Bollard have spent the last two years developing a distinctive sound that blends heavy guitar work with subtle melodic structures. In the mold of 90's and post-punk heroes such as Dinosaur Jnr. and Sonic Youth, Bollard flip traditional song structures around and push the parameters of music.

Described as ‘an explosive collection of abrasive post-punk – packed with intense chaos,’ the band’s debut album Trawlers was released April 9th 2018. The tracks from the album were played on public broadcasting stations in all capital cities in Australia, including interviews on both Triple R and PBS in Melbourne. The release of the album earnt Bollard a spot on America’s Rockhand records label.

Bollard’s latest single, ‘Ziggurat’ sees them depart from the chaos in Trawlers and the atmospheric sounds of ‘Beware the Atto Fox’, with a brooding song with a modern edge. Recorded in Richmond this track uses simple songwriting with subtle changes to produce a moody and unsettling track.