Board of Bandits

Board of Bandits

Board of Bandits - indie / lo-fi / alternative / rock music band from Malmö, Sweden.


Malmos Ash & Iron is an indie-folk band started by John Berneli in 2014. In the beginning the project only consisted of John himself, along with a guitar and harmonica. But soon he asked his friend Petter Bengtsson (Case Conrad) to play the drums, and shortly after, Kristofer Bergman joined the band. In 2016, Sara Runberg, John's wife, became the fourth member and she plays the bass and violin.

It is a fusion of nordic melancholy and folk rock, built around a sharp and distinct songwriting with a sound that may remind you of bards like Neil Young and Bob Dylan. At the same time, it takes you to a dreamy and arty universe, and all this in a fine balance.

Malmo's Board Of Bandits (SE) combines singer songwriter tradition with dreamy ambient soundscapes. Something like combining Joni Mitchell with My Bloody Valentine. Or Neil Young with Sigor Ros.


  • Sara - Bass
  • Petter - Drums
  • Kristofer - Guitar
  • John - Vocals and Guitar