BLAME BO$ANOVUH — hip-hop music artist from New York, US.


"BLAME BO$ANOVUH is a new independent hip hop artist from Long Island NY who is officially formally launching onto world's stage with his release of "The Final Boss" on 11/11/22. This song is being released with his executive producer, manger, and business partner, Nobody The Initiate, under their new brand launching with this song's release, "MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C".

At only 22, "The Final Boss" serves as a way for BLAME, Nobody, and MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C to collectively display their wide range of creative and artistic potential ranging from unqie vocals, rythems, melodies, and production, all of which is sophisticated intertwined with BLAME's one of a kind wordplay.

Under Nobody The Initiate's guidance who is over ten years his senior, BLAME BO$ANOVUH has been strategectly staying patient while also diligently working quietly for nearly the past two years, actively cultivating his skills both as a song writer and performer, as well as developing himself overall as a well rounded future, world wild super start artist. Keep an eye out for what BLAME BO$ANOVUH and his team have in store for the remainder of 20223, 2023 and beyond.