Be.Holders — indie / electronic music project from Russi, Italy.


Be.Holders are an Italian indie-electronic duo native of Ravenna, formed in Russi in September 2018 and composed by Davide Santandrea (born in 1978, formerly a member of Transgender and Solmeriggio: electronics, guitars and keyboards) and Francesco Rossi (born in 1994: vocals and lyrics)

The two, driven by the common passion for Radiohead, Portishead and British IDM, experiment different styles and produce the first songs between 2018 and 2019.

The duo’s sound becomes more and more solid and the path to follow is identified: the English lyrics and the warm, clean and “Yorkeian” voiceprint of Francesco are well suited to the retro-minimal and electronic solutions of Davide.

The ideas developed during the year come to fruition in the recordings of their debut album “Default”, at “Loto Studio 2.0”, between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. This work boasts the special participation of Marcella Trioschi at the cello, member of Solmeriggio, in the song “Body Down”. A gloomy and dark album that approaches the concept of escape from a society devoid of any values, but that leaves a glimmer of hope.

On 6 April they publish the music video for “Implosion/Explosion", first single in anticipation of the album out on 30 April 2020, on Blossom Bisquits.