Astroprimate – post-rock / instrumental band from


We are 3 old friends that have sung together since high-school (since around 2004), in various other musical projects, more or less ended.

We are 3 musicians with a common nucleus, but one dressed in considerably different mantles, when it comes to what we listen to, as well as how we create.

We are, we say, 3 mirrors of you, when you ask yourselves questions about the human condition, meaning (or its absence), evolution or involution, what are emotions and why do we have them?! and other profound nonsense that is profoundly belittled, for lack of a clear answer, as we like to have(?).

We are, most definitely, ourselves, some poor primates, that want more and believe that more is possible. And also want to give back more, letting only the instruments talk for them.

We are Astroprimate. Since around the winter of 2017.

Band members:

  • Bogdan Zaharia – guitar
  • Cosmin Serban – bass
  • Andrei Chirlesan – drums