Alexander Vincent

Alexander Vincent

Alexander Vincent - indie / electronic music artist from Los Angeles, US


Alexander Vincent’s feeling vulnerable but fulfilled. It’s been four years since the producer/songwriter first gleamed meteoric success as drummer of the band Magic!, with its inescapably catchy, chart-topping single, “Rude”. Now he’s returning to the sound that is most true to him, readying a definitive personal sonic statement that’s been bubbling up inside him for years.

“I got to a place I thought I wanted to get to,” he says. “Then I got there and realized there is no destination, anyway.”

Alex’s first single, “I Won’t” is a part electro-pop ballad, part R&B-tinged mission statement. Recorded in brief moments of downtime while on tour with Magic! In Japan, our singer works through feelings of being silenced using a pastoral, measured yet deliberate delivery. “I won’t say a word to you, you already heard me,” he coos over the track as it builds into a sumptuous, woozy IDM shuffle.

The track harkens back to when originally left his hometown of Toronto for L.A. dead set on become an electronic music producer before the pop world took him in. Inspired by the minimalist glitchy shuffle of artists like Aphex Twin and Burial to infuse a genuine groove and feeling into his compositions, this year he returns to his roots with the debut of his first music in his own name.

Alex has steadily been making a name for himself as producer over the years, too—releasing four tracks with alternative R&B chanteuse Sabrina Claudio, remixing the work of talented friends like Kan Wakan and many others. From arena anthems to home studio bangers, working in a pop context has only deepened his relationship with the nuances of fly electronic music. It’s been a journey that has left Alex fortified with the confidence to release music borne from his singular vision and eclectic inspirations.