Aisha Badru

Aisha Badru

Aisha Badru — indie / folk music artist from New York, United States.


“My music career has healed a huge part of me,” she says. “I have had to face every single insecurity about myself pursuing this life path. I’ve had to face my fear of public speaking and performing, talking in front of a camera, of my own insecurities being exposed, doing photo shoots. That has been incredibly healing.”

It all coalesces, ever-so-optimistically in “Worthwhile,” a lullaby to life. “Trust that the dark days are gonna end,” she sings. “I know things out there are a little wild / It is all worthwhile.” It’s a capsule of our turbulent recent history — riots, COVID, climate change, the border crisis — that comes together, remarkably, as a sun-salutation to motherhood and resilience. “My perspective has changed,” she admits. “There may be moments in time where things hit the fan or seem impossible. But these things can bring us together. I appreciate life itself.”