Adam Bauer

Adam Bauer

Adam Bauer — world music artist from Leverett, US


Adam Bauer travels the globe sharing the heart-expanding beauty of group chanting in gatherings of all sizes. From large festivals to more intimate events, ashrams and yoga studios, Adam enchants and inspires listeners with his deep, soulful presence wherever he appears.

Adam spent much of his Boston childhood on a bicycle exploring Harvard Square, absorbing the rich cultural ferment of the 1970s. Unsatisfied with the socio-economic offerings of the early 1980s, at 18 he took his vows of renunciation, poverty and celibacy and lived as a monk for several years, studying massage and healing work while living in a small but vibrant community above The Western Front, a funky jazz and reggae club. He eventually rejoined the mainstream world again, but never quite shook a core orientation of humble service.

The later 1980s found him studying Hatha Yoga with Eddie Modestini – a practice of solo-healing he experienced as a complement to the work of giving and receiving healing touch with others. He was also discovering music, starting a 15-year gig playing bass in The Equalites, a reggae-rock band he co-founded which became a cornerstone of the Western Massachusetts music scene.

His post-monk plan of moving to a remote stretch of the California coast transformed instead into decades of vibrant life in rural Massachusetts. He has been homesteading for 30 years on a farm near Amherst, where he offers healing session work, special events, and customized retreat accommodations for people hungry for a nourishing alternative to the pace and practices of modern living.

Adam was blessed to spend many years playing bass in support of sacred chant pioneer Krishna Das, and later with Bhakti Yoga legend Shyamdas, both of whom nourished his love of sacred sound and the yoga of devotion. For the past decade, Adam has been on the road offering his own perspectives, teachings, and Kirtan across the Americas, Europe and India. A lifelong student of the devotional life, Adam enjoys comparing notes on the path wherever the opportunity arises.

Trained and certified as a massage therapist, ontological coach, and neo-Tantrik practitioner, Adam brings a variety of experience into his coaching and hands-on session work. He has been a lifelong practitioner of the I Ching or Book of Changes, and is launching an introductory online course in October 2020. Adam works to harmonize and integrate life in a body with love, healing and devotion. With kindness, humor and sensitivity, Adam brings his whole self to his coaching and consulting work, marrying passion, discipline and inspiration into unique and potent offerings.

His critically-acclaimed first solo record, Shyam Lila, debuted on Mantralogy Records in 2014. His sophomore album Wonderville was released in 2017 and generated more interest in his work. Adam’s music is available on major services like iTunes and Spotify, or directly from

He currently studies with internationally-recognized meditation and trauma work teacher, Thomas Hübl, in his intensive Timeless Wisdom Training. He has offered sacred chanting before various Hübl-led programs; this September, he’ll contribute his live music during Hübl’s Collective Trauma Online Summit, where over 100,000 are expected to attend.

Adam’s impact transcends the labels of singer or musician. As a Bhakti Yoga practitioner, teacher and healing artist, he shares his unique voice and inspiration through both ancient and contemporary spiritual practices.

On October 2, 2020 Adam releases his third album, Return to the Sacred, an inspired collection of all-original music born during extraordinary times. At the end of co-leading a pilgrimage in India, Adam landed at Depot Records in Delhi to create the core of these tracks on the cusp of the global pandemic. During lockdown in the US, the album was completed with highly respected world music producer Ben Leinbach (Jai Uttal, Deva Premal).

The India recordings were brought together and anchored by Mohan Shyam Sharma (Ravi Shankar, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, All India Radio), one of world’s most revered players of the pakhawaj, a traditional temple drum. The Indian recording artists are an all-star team of talented musicians including Rajeev Janardan on Surbahar, Kailash Sharma on Bansuri, and Hricha Rashmi and Deepa Mishra on vocals.

The tracks were exquisitely embellished in the US by cellist Noah Hoffeld (Phillip Glass, Natalie Merchant, Krishna Das) and lifelong Bhakta and kirtan multi-instrumentalist Visvambhar (Vish) Sheth (The Mayapuris) playing Indian drums and percussion. Leinbach brought his trademark deft production touch, and mixed and mastered Return to the Sacred at Old Bull Studios in San Anselmo, California.

Return to the Sacred is dedicated to the memory of Adam’s father, Edward Bauer, and beloved teacher (and Maharaj-ji guru brother) Ram Dass, who both left their bodies in late 2019. The first single, “Healing Song,” unfolds as a prayer of affirmation, a timeless reminder of the reality of truth, consciousness and bliss even during challenging times. The second single, “Baba (Neem Karoli Guru Bhai)” descended upon Adam the night that Ram Dass died. It is both a bow to Ram Dass and a call to remember the love, service and devotion that lie at the heart of Maharaj-ji’s teachings. In this new album of all-original compositions, Bauer honors traditional lineage while integrating heartfelt English lyrics, presenting this rich and timely offering as a prayer for humanity’s Return to the Sacred.