Abandoncy — post-hardcore / noise rock band from Kansas City, United States.


Abandoncy is just three big nerds in search of the big riff yonder. It’s joked that Lincoln, Damian, and Morgan may have the highest amount of least “economically viable” college degrees out of any Kansas City band (Damian is a doctoral candidate of philosophy at KU and Morgan has a master’s of music in composition from UMKC), but what do they know? Rock and Roll isn’t real. Might as well make something. Abandoncy has been compared to the likes of Pile, Metz, the Chariot, Drive Like Jehu and Unwound. That is to say it’s a little dissonant, it’s a little noisy, and it’s a little rigorous.

Their debut record Hollow//Living will be released August 21 st via Zegema Beach Records and The Ghost is Clear Records. These nine tracks of dissonant ‘rock’ were very much a labor of love. Abandoncy recorded by themselves over many 8 hour days spread from January-March 2020 at Farewell Transmission, a local DIY warehouse music venue/woodworking shop. Every day they recorded they brought the entire recording set-up (computer, interface, monitors, cables, microphones, stands, etc) in addition to drums, guitars, and amplifiers across town to the space, set up, slammed through the day, tore it all down and took it home.

Band Members

  • M. Greenwood
  • L. Peterson
  • D. Fisher