Taylor Latham – No Pressure, No Diamonds (2023)

Hello, friends! Excuse me for the huge gaps between posts… I am incredibly busy for the last few weeks. Anyways, today I am here with some fresh music for your spring mood 🙂 Today here is Taylor Latham — indie / folk music artist from the United Kingdom, and his new song “No Pressure, No Diamonds”. Let’s check it!

This song sounds pure and fair to me. I mean, I literally hear and feel those emotions that Taylor put into the song. It just sounds the way it should sound. No less and no more. A perfect balance. Beautiful vocal on top of the lush and atmospheric acoustic arrangement, with some light ambient shades.

I also like the overall sad and slightly melancholic mood of the track. It makes me think and pulls me inside my mind. What more can I say… The song tells us a story about simple and important things via beautiful metaphors and thru a wonderful melody. I think it’s fully enough. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3