noteaf – Ant EP (2022)

Hey-hey! How are you guys doing?

I have two wonderful news for you 🙂
1) I finally found a perfect record label for my music! I am now signed under Syntes Records.
2) My new EP is here! Of course, it’s released via Syntes Records.

I’ve always liked the acid jazz vibe. And this fresh EP “Ant” is a result of my vision of how to mix lo-fi with acid jazz. Smooth and soft bass lines, nice melodies, old-school-sounding drums, and overall atmosphere. On the record, you also can hear the vocal by MURRA — an indie singer-songwriter Mariyana Zhdaniuk from Ukraine (on track “Sixty Four”), and double-bass parts by Katie Thiroux — jazz bassist and vocalist from Los Angeles, United States (on tracks “Check”, “Hostile Planet”, “A Secret Room”). Such a nice collaboration! Without them, this release would be impossible.

This mix of lo-fi, indie, jazz, breakbeat, and light psychedelic electronic will make your brain relax during any crazy day. Enjoy your day and thank you for the support. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3

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