2 For The Road – Flowing (2022)

Hi. Autumn continuing and I am trying to post something fitting for the current vibe. Today here is 2 For The Road — an indie-folk / progressive music band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and their song “Flowing”. Let’s dive right in 😉

My very first impression was: “Damn! It’s like a mix of the best things I like in folk and progressive rock. A perfect circlemixture!”. The style and vibe remind me of Pink Floyd’s Division Bell and Ray LaMontagne’s Ouroboros. To say in a few words — I love this music! It is a really rare thing in modern music, to find something like this.

Btw, the album where this track is called “Subliminal Stay”. So, if you like this certain song, then you must check the whole album for sure! What’s inside? Well, mostly, there is progressive rock. But with a lot of different influences from genres like folk, indie, country, and jazz. I’ll be honest, from the whole album I still like this song the most. Anyways, I hope you’ll dig it. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3