Louis Inglis – Muted Colours (2022)

Hi guys! Excuse me for these gaps in the music flow… It’s a bit hard to work at the moment. But I do my best to share new wonderful music with you all. Today here is Louis Inglis — indie / folk / slowcore music artist from Perth, Australia, and his track “Muted Colours”. Let’s check it 🙂

I don’t know why, but I have so many feelings and thought about this song in my head. Probably it just touch some of my soul strings. First of all, it sounds incredibly pure and honest. I mean, it’s not over-polished production with autotuned vocal and perfect catchy arrangement. Sometimes I hear some “out of key” sounds. But this is the real beauty for me. I literally hear the “soul” of the song. Amazing song, have nothing to say…

Also, if you like this song, I strongly recommend you to listen to the whole album it belongs. The album is called “Bad Dreams”. not all songs in there are melancholic as this one. But the album will bring you a feeling of calmness and balance for sure. For example, I like songs “Chorus Trees”, “Bad Dreams”, and “Golden Locket” the most. This artist is a wonderful opening for my music collection. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3