Cult Burial – Strive (2022)

Hello, friends! From one side, I like to post bands/artists that are already on the blog. But on the other hand, it’s pretty hard to say something new about the. I mean, if they’re here, then I like their music and they are good. Anyways, today here is Cult Burial — a death metal / black metal band from London, UK, and their fresh track “Strive”. Let’s check it!

As I said before, I don’t even know what to say here. Top-notch technique, powerful mix, massive sound, amazing growling, and energy in the track. Everything sounds perfect. You know, like it’s always been here. Btw, this is one of the most important indicators of good music for me (when music is gently injected right into my brain and I don’t need to think about it).

Of course, every single song is very much different from the other. This track is not an exclusion of this rule. First of all, I hear a bit more post-black vibes in this song compared to their previous work. This mix sounds noisier, which is not bad in my opinion. It works like some kind of hypnosis to me. I literally diving into the song’s world. Actually, the listening experience is definitely different for each person, so I will leave it for you.

In conclusion, I can say that this is just one more strong work by the Cult Burial band. If you are a fan of metal music and still didn’t heart them, then you definitely should check them out by following the links below the post! Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3

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