Scarcity – III (2022)

Hi guys! The last weekend was pretty pleasant and sunny. Honestly, I don’t even remember better days since the war began. And I want to begin this week with massive metal stuff, to charge the week with a power 🙂 Here is Scarcity — black metal / shoegaze band from New York, US, and their fresh track entitled “III”. Let’s check it!

First of all — it’s noisy! From the very first second to the last sound, this track is uncompromisingly dark, heavy, and noisy. It grabs me like a hurricane that came from nowhere and smashing my brain’s “bones”. For real, this is just a wall of metal sound. It will beat all the shit out of you!

I don’t even know how to describe the sound of this track. Guitars and drums sound just like an engine of a huge truck. The vocal manner is angry and almost hysteric. I really dig this kind of sound. It gives me a massive portion of energy. Don’t know what more can I say about it. It’s a solid mix of black metal and shoegaze. I’d say 9,8/10 (it’s only my subjective taste). Btw, you can check out the lyrics and the description of the song by the band by following THIS LINK. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace.