saccharine – bare (2022)

Hi guys! As usual, if I am here, then your brain will get a portion of fresh music now. So, today here is the song “bare” by saccharine — slowcore music artist from Los Angeles, United States. Let’s check it!

An incredibly soft and gentle arrangement with a wonderful (literally angelic) vocal manner. Btw, the vocal timbre a bit reminds me of Thom Yorke in some moments. I really dig tracks like this one…I can’t say it’s sad, or fun, or any other certain emotion. It’s floating somewhere in the middle of all possible emotions. You know, different feelings in different parts of the song. Kinda emotional puzzle for my brain.

What more can I say? Very good song to forget about daily routine and dive into the slightly cold water of music. Btw, check out more music by saccharine by following the links below the post. Traditionally, enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3