Cormorant Tree Oh – The Cave (2022)

Hi, friends! I totally love music with some ethnic sounds and vibes. Not always, but sometimes it’s just hooks me so much! Today I am here with one of those tracks with ethnic shades that shot me right in my heart. Here is Cormorant Tree Oh — experimental / folk music artist from Dublin, Ireland, and the song “The Cave”. Let’s dive right in!

As I already said, this track is pretty authentic and has such a wonderful folk / acoustic vibe. It’s also pretty dark, which is also great in my opinion. Dark folk songs almost always perfectly fit my inner vibe. The singing manner, arrangement, melody, overall atmosphere, everything is just perfect to me. I’d even say it’s a bit psychedelic.

Lyric’s mood is also related to music (or the music related to lyrics…you choose). In any case, they’re working perfectly in tandem. Btw, you can check out the lyrics following this link. In the end, I really encourage you to check out more music on Spotify. If you like this track, you will also dig the rest of the music out there. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3