ANDRÆ – Dolls (2022)

Hi guys! ANDRÆ is one of the most interesting and original artists I know. His music is always incredibly catchy. I can’t even describe exactly why… Today he’s back with the fresh song called “Dolls”. Let’s check it 🙂

This track is definitely vocal-driven. I mean, the arrangement works more like support for the main melody in my opinion. You know, there are not much of instruments. But every sound sits perfectly in the mix and emphasizes the vocal melody. The vocal manner and melody are very viral. Really, I am humming this track for two days now. The song is light and kinda melancholic at the same time. Yeah, it may sound strange…but you should check it by yourself to see what I mean.

Btw, if you like this song then I strongly recommend you to check out other ANDRÆ’s tracks posted on the blog following the links below the post. One more beautiful song to my collection and, hopefully, for yours as well. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3

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