Machiniska – One by One by One (2022)

Hi there! Since the war began, every day I have a bunch of very strong emotions…and sometimes I just need to take a rest. Today’s song is a perfect soundtrack to do that. Here is Machiniska — electronic / trip-hop music artist from Brisbane, Australia, the song “One by One by One”. Let’s check it!

The song is pretty calm during the whole thing. It has no drop parts or saturated parts. From the very beginning, it grabs you into its slightly cold hands and you can’t resist. It’s like hypnosis. You fully understand everything though…but you can’t do anything.

Literally everything in this song is soaked with this mood. The vocal manner is so “lazy” and indifferent that you began to transform into the same form. The melody and overall arrangement are also pretty slow and thick like jelly. Excuse me for these strange words…but I can’t describe my feeling in any other way. Btw, to dive into the vibe, even more, you can check out the lyrics following this link.

What can I say? One more amazing track for my collection (and I hope, for your as well). Enjoy the music and stand with Ukriane! Peace <3