Iris Of The Black Sun – He Who Breaks The Earth (2022)

Hello, friends! One more day of the new dark reality. One more dark and incredibly heavy metal song. Today here is Iris Of The Black Sun — industrial / death metal music project of Jason Pather from New Zealand, and the song “He Who Breaks The Earth”. Let’s check it!

The sound of the track is pretty digital (in a good meaning for sure). I think, the track of this style (industrial) it should have some digital taste. The dissonant guitar riffs drilled a hole in my brain and settled down somewhere in between the clouds of neurons. Voice is literally demonic. The drums like a giant hammer, forge the darkness of death metal. Lyrics are that dark as they were written in the darkest place of the universe. All these components merge together into a massive and pretty long composition, which will blow your mind.

Really, this track is incredibly powerful in my opinion. Of course, this is only my subjective opinion…but on the other hand, I have a huge experience in this stuff, as a musician, and as a music fan. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace.