Gone – Shudder (2022)

Hi guys! Living in a country in war has become a regular routine and it’s a bit scary. But I am here to share good music with you, so… Last month I’ve already posted one track by this band (solo project of Nate Crawford)…and I couldn’t resist posting one more. Here is Gone — shoegaze / slowcore music band from the United States, and their new track entitled “Shudder”. Let’s go!

First of all, I’d like to say that this track has some nice shades of Deftones. Even more likely of Crosses if you want. Especially in the chorus part. It’s not a critique at all. It’s just a little thing I’ve noticed. Very sweet and atmospheric song in general. Wonderful vocal manner + slightly noisy arrangement = sweet and light shoegaze song.

The lyrics about love are a classic choice for any song. In the context of this arrangement, it sounds more like a confession to yourself than to your crush. I really like the variety of methods to say the same three words “I love you”. Actually, every human will say it in his original way. With the different emotions and feelings.

Overall, this is a wonderful song. It’s floating somewhere between a calm ballad and an emotional rock banger. But in general, it has that consistent noisy vibe that will keep your attention from the first to the very last sound of the track. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3

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