58918012 – Different Colors (2022)

Hello, my friends from around the world! Once again I’d like to say that I didn’t even expect that my music may be released during the war in my country…russian invasion and aggression against Ukraine is a pure tragedy! My deepest condolences to all families that lost somebody during this war.

This album is called “Different Colors”. It’s like a palette of colors, moods, and emotions. All tracks in it are pretty light and soft. It’s way much easier to listen to than the previous one “Needle Tip”. I can’t say that it’s very “happy” and “positive”, but it’s definitely will bring you some peaceful vibes and emotional balance. Hope you’ll enjoy this release. Stand with Ukraine! Best regards, 58918012. Peace <3

P.S: Btw, the artwork for this album is made by incredible artist Liudmyla Kuguk.
Thank you, sweetie <3


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