58918012 – Needle Tip (2022)

Hello everyone. The album “Needle Tip” is one of my darkest works (in one row with “Four Days”, “60”, and “and fall through the time”). This is the mix of noise, techno, dark ambient, drone, tape loops, and human feelings.

To be honest, I know why it’s so dark depressive. But this is the secret between me and this music. Something inside my head wanted to be free, and I released it thru this album. It’s like a little hole in my mind, to stare at a tiny part of processes going on inside of my head. I’m sure that everybody will find something for themselves in this album. Now it’s also like a reflection of this bloody WAR initiated by russia against Ukraine πŸ™

Be careful with this stuff, it may pull you into the darkest places of your mind. Stand with Ukraine! Peace <3


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