Tuff Ghost – Dreary Day (2022)

Hi guys! The year only started but we already have good music 🙂 You know, winter is always some kind of lazy and dreary time for me. I mean, I don’t even want to go out…just sitting in my room and writing to the music. Anyways, sometimes music from the outside may give me some positive vibes (like in this case). Here is Tuff Ghost (Lena Brown) — indie / electronic music artist from Los Angeles, US, and her fresh song “Dreary Day”. Let’s check it!

First of all, the vocal manner… I can’t say it’s very powerful, or technically perfect. But it’s incredibly deep and emotional. To me, it’s way much more important than the technique. She literally drew a painting in my head while singing. The arrangement also sounds great. Very atmospheric and soft stuff. And when the vocal and arrangement merge together, it becomes a whole musical story.

Any musician should feel the music he creates. Otherwise, the music is born dead. I am sure, you know what I mean. Probably, more than half of all modern music is dead. But this song is a good example of how it sounds when the music is alive. Enjoy <3