Mama Tjutju – Slipping (2021)

Hello guys! If you’re here, you probably, know my musical preferences pretty well. So, you know that I like some minimalistic and sad folk / acoustic songs. Today here is one of those wonderful tunes — the song is called “Slipping”, by the singer / songwriter Mama Tjutju from Denmark. Let’s taste it!

First of all, I was slightly shocked when figured out that this song is a Chemical Brothers cover. Really, I’d never thought about The Chemical Brothers if not read it in the song description! The incredible vision of the musical material. I’ll be honest, I like this version much more than the original. Of course, it’s up to my subjective taste…but I am enjoying this song very much!

Wonderful voice perfectly laying on top of the soft guitar part. I am a big fan of music, where the full spectrum of emotions is made by minimal instruments (in this case it’s guitar and voice). Just try to relax and dive into the world of this song. It will definitely take you to the warm and comfortable place in your head. Enjoy <3