58918012 – and fall through the time (2022)

Hello, ambient music lovers! My new album “and fall through the time” is a reflection of my inner feeling of time. It’s dedicated to my very first ambient album (which was released on the same day, but two years ago…on January 4th, 2020).

It’s a pretty obvious thing, but the older I am, the faster time goes by. Memories slowly become blurred and weirdly distorted. So, when I am trying to stare at myself in the past, I see totally another life and world in general.

This album is a mixture of melodic textures, dark drone pads, pitch-shifted low guitar parts, and analog tape recordings. As a result, we have a solid dark ambient album, which is slightly depressive, but it will leave some warm aftertaste for sure. Just let it into your heart. Enjoy the music <3


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