Ellie Madeland – Out of Nowhere (2021)

Hi guys! Long time without music! Hope you missed me 🙂 Anyways, I see white snow behind my window, which means that the winter takes its rights for a few months. But I have a cup of hot tea and music from my speakers. Today here is Ellie Madeland — trip-hop / downtempo music artist from London, UK, and her song “Out of Nowhere”. Let’s dive right in!

As usual, when I hear good music, all words just go out of my head. You know that feeling when you literally fall down into the song’s inner world. Seems like her voice sounds inside of my head, not from the outside. It’s so soulful and deep… Together with that minimalistic acoustic guitar part they just float in the middle of nowhere, until the beat comes out and creates some kind of base for them.

Even some unperfections in the vocal part sound alive and pleasant to my ears. After all those over-autotuned tracks in all charts. Just a wonderful song, what more can I say? Turn it on and enjoy, while the real music is alive. Peace <3