Vinnie-Dangerous – Retribution (2021)

Hi. Sometimes music may shock you. But it’s absolutely okay. Because music should provoke emotions and feelings. If not, then the music is not working properly (at least in my opinion). Honestly, from the very first seconds of this song, I understood that this one must be in m collection for sure. Today here is Vinnie-Dangerous — hip-hop music artist from Fayetteville, United States, and his track “Retribution”. Let’s check it!

Literally, everything in this track sounds pretty unusual. The beat sounds more like some slightly randomized industrial noises and synth sounds. The flow and vocal manner are also original for sure. The overall atmosphere of the track a bit reminds me of the track “On Sight” by Kanye West. There are also pretty strange for hip-hop sounds and arrangement in general. In any case, the track as a whole thing sounds great to me. It has some dark vibes, and even without the actual beat (drums and bass), it makes my head move.

I also strongly recommend you to check out the whole album on Spotify following the link below the post. It’s a truly interesting approach to hip-hop music. Every single track deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. I think that music should refresh itself sometimes. This song is a good example of that refresh. I hope you all like it as much as I do. Have a great day and enjoy the music. Peace <3