Snowsleep – Hidden Logic (2021)

Hi guys! Don’t know why, but today I am not okay…something is going on inside of my head. Can’t even describe it. Anyway, I have an amazing track, which helps me to get thru this day. Here is Snowsleep — electronic / downtempo music producer from Hamburg, Germany, with the track “Hidden Logic”. Let’s check it!

This is something on the edge between dub techno, ambient, and downtempo electronic. To be honest, I am in love with this kind of hypnotic sound! It’s literally filling me from the inside when I am listening to it in headphones…and from the outside, if from speakers. Warm and calm pulsating sound just makes me comfortable. It feels like I am static in the dynamic world around me. Honestly, I don’t even know what more can I say about it.

Actually, music is a pretty subjective thing. You can say something, but it will be only your subjective feeling and perception. So, I think that in this type of music, everybody will find his own meaning and “hidden logic”. Enjoy the music <3