Lila Drew – Crystal Ball (2021)

Hi guys! I thought that I can remember all music I posted here… but…today I realized that it’s not true anymore. Probably, too many posts here 🙂 I just understood that I’ve already posted this artist on the blog (you can check it following the link below this post). Anyways, today here is the fresh (not only by release date) song called “Crystal Ball” by Lila Drew — indie / folk artist from LA, US. Let’s check it together!

As I said before, this song sounds incredibly “fresh”. Metaphorically, I’d say, it sounds like a small creek with cool and clear water in the middle of a dusty megapolise. You know that feeling when you go out and see all the same buildings, people, cars, and streets? Well, this song will teleport your mind to some far lands of green forests and windy fields. Okay, excuse me for my dreams…

A beautiful and soft voice on top of the atmospheric folk arrangement creates that exact feeling of freshness. The song begins from the chamber part, which literally sounds in the listener’s mind. But the closer to the end the “biggest” the track becomes. Calm and slightly melancholic song. A very nice soundtrack for the day. Enjoy <3

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