BAILE – Follow (feat. Ellyn Woods) (2021)

Hello, guys! This “gray” time right between autumn and winter makes me lazy and unproductive. But I have a cure — good music 🙂 Today here is BAILE feat. Ellyn Woods, and their track called “Follow”. Let’s check it!

For sure, the first thing that we hear is a wonderful vocal part by Ellyn Woods. Really, it sounds amazing! Of course, the arrangement is also great. The track from both sides works perfectly. It starts like an ambient piece, but slowly builds up until becomes a solid downtempo composition. I don’t know why, but one detail makes this song even more pleasant to my ears…try to guess what?

I’m in love with those short samples of harmonica (on bridge part), and piano (in chorus). Usually, I don’t like harmonica and piano in music at all. But in this case, it’s just amazing. This is a good example of how to use samples in a good way (for all beatmakers). Because one detail can make the song much more special.

I think, there are too many words already. It’s just one more wonderful track by BAILE. I hope you like it! Check out more music by BAILE following the links below. Peace <3

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