58918012 – Dead Silence (2021)

Hi there.

This is the last release from 58918012 in 2021. This EP should not be here… I mean, that if everything were fine, then this music would stay unborn. But luckily (for these sonic waves) my pc died. And while I’ve been in searching of a new one, I’ve been forced to get back to my old laptop, where I found a few of my old and forgotten projects. I selected these four tracks because they hook me.

Here are a few words about the concept behind this music. We all trying to get rid of negative thoughts all the time they appear in our heads. We’re watching “funny” videos with cats, or doing some other absolutely useless things, just to choke those thoughts. But it’s not the best way to deal with it. I think, that the best approach — is to accept it. Just to leave it as an axiom. Hope you find it helpful. Enjoy the music <3


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