Nicolas Michaux – Amusement Park (2021)

Hi folks! How are you doing? Hope everything is fine 😉 You know, sometimes we all need to stay in the dark for a while. It’s kinda my current mood — to stay in the dark. But I have a very nice song for you! Here is Nicolas Michaux — indie music artist from Brussels, Belgium, and his fresh song “Amusement Park”. Let’s dive right in!

This song is perfectly reflecting the mood of the singer / listener. It’s calm, slightly sad, and even a bit indifferent. I mean, I can even close my eyes and imagine that “amusement park” around me, while I am staying in the shadow and just starring at the people having fun on their “side of light”.

Beautiful and simple at the same time, this song showing us that good music can be like this. The vocal manner is incredibly pleasant. Musically, it’s even a bit reminds me of Pink Floyd for some reason. Maybe it’s because of the sound of the bass and drum pattern. I really like the beauty in the simplicity of the rhythm and harmony/melody. Hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy <3