Ismena – This World Will Break Your Heart (2021)

Hello, guys! This autumn in my city started from pretty cold nights. Even though I like nighttime much more than days…this kind of weather makes me feel a bit sad. And today’s song perfectly fits this mood. Let’s check it!

First of all, I have one very close and beloved person, who really struggles with depression. So the lyrics and mood of this song are not just “something from the other side”. I really feel all the pain and sadness injected into the song. It sounds very natural to me. I mean, that it feels like the song was written in those emotions for real.

The style/mood and the melody/harmony are also very interesting to me. It’s kinda mix of post-rock, indie rock. Incredibly atmospheric sound and detailed arrangement. It goes like waves on the water’s surface. It starts from the calm intro part, then a few times beats you with distorted guitars and drums…then it becomes straight, and goes back to the calm part. Well, it’s a strange thing, to describe music with words. I will just leave you alone with this song. Enjoy.