Bodybag Garibaldi – Margot Robbie (2021)

Hey guys! Today is a good day for metal music lovers 🙂 Sometimes we all need something heavy and crazy, right? Well, I have something for you! Here is Bodybag Garibaldi — One-man death / grind band from Brazil based in Helsinki, Finland, and the track “Margot Robbie”. Let’s check it!

First of all, I am impressed that one human is able to play all instruments on that high level. Every part sounds powerful and massive. Honestly, I’d like this song to be longer…maybe around 6 minutes. You know, just to listen to it longer. I totally understand that this is death / grind stuff, but it’s a bit reminds me of S.O.A.D. music for some reason. It’s not bad at all. I just noticed it.

What more can I say? I’ve checked the whole album, and it sounds great as well. So, if you like what you hear on this track, then I strongly recommend you to check out the whole album following the Bandcamp or Spotify link below the post. Have a good day!