Bigg Z – Piggy Bank (2021)

Hey guys! I am here again with some wonderful music for your ears and brains 😉 This time here is hip-hop stuff. Bigg Z — hip-hop / rap music artist from San Francisco, US, and his fresh track “Piggy Bank”. Let’s check it!

Honestly, I don’t even know where should I begin from? Everything in this track just perfectly fits my inner vibe. I totally love the beat and its vibe / groove. The flow is just amazing to me…well, I am not a rapper, but I clearly hear that huge technical base behind the voice. Each letter sitting in its right place in between or on top of kicks, snares, and hats of the beat.

Since I am not that good at English, I can’t fully understand the words and their meaning. But I think in such a good track the lyrics just can’t be bad. I hear interesting rhymes and rhythmical phrases. Everything sounds great to me! This track just grabs my head and makes it move back and forth during the track playing. Really, try not to headbang 🙂 I got my portion of energy from this track. Hope you will also like this song. Peace <3