Adar Alfandari – My Blizzard (2021)

Hi guys! Today I am here to represent one more wonderful song to you. Here is Adar Alfandari — slowcore music artist from Israel, and his fresh song called “My Blizzard”. Let’s check it!

Obviously, the song is perfect. Have nothing to say about it. Great and pleasant voice hit straight into the heart from the very first notes of the song. The arrangement is also great. I mean, well, maybe the chord progression and harmony/melody, in general, are not very sophisticated. But that’s the point of music like this! The song just touching my heart with its simplicity, and deepness at the same time.

Songs like this are always a perfect fit for my inner vibe and mood. I think, if you’re looking for something easy and calm for your ears right now, then you’re in the right place! Enjoy the music <3