Rapt – Forever Repeating Dreams (2021)

Hi! As you all know, I am a big lover of sad music of any genre. Slowcore is one of the most favorite acoustic styles of music for me. I am happy to represent to you fresh song entitled “Forever Repeating Dreams” by Rapt — slowcore / electronic music artist from Brighton, UK.

I’ve already posted two of his tracks on the blog before, and they both are perfectly reflecting my inner vibe. This one is not an exception. It sounds pretty soft but powerful and deep at the same time. I mean, its power is not heavy guitars or massive synths…but in the soul and calmness of the melody and harmony.

I am always happy to hear strong music made with a minimum of instruments and built on feelings and emotions. Actually, the listener building that beautiful world by himself, while listening to the song. One more wonderful song to my collection. Enjoy <3

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