HÅN – sonic96 (2021)

Hey guys! For a pretty long time, on the blog was no good pop music. But today I am here to fix this misunderstanding 🙂 Big thanks to my secret good friend for sharing this song with me! Today here is HÅN — an indie-pop music artist from Italy, and her fresh song “sonic96”. Let’s check it!

First of all — the song is very soft (as for the sound, as for the mood and vibe). I like this vocal manner. It makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. At the first sight, you may think that there’s nothing special in this song. But if you will spend a bit more attention, you will ope a bunch of nice tiny details in the arrangement. They make the song interesting to discover and listen to.

This is a perfect example of good-produced modern pop music! Without tons of autotune, without “epic” drops and obsessive phrases or melodies (to make the song viral for TikTok…oh Lord…TikTok…excuse me). This song is just a strong as it is. It’s no need for any tricks. Hope you will enjoy this summer vibe <3