Benedict Blue – Eden (2021)

Hello, guys! Hope your weekend going well 🙂 Today I am here to share one wonderful song with you. Here is Benedict Blue — psychedelic / indie music artist from Germany, and his composition entitled “Eden”. Let’s check it together!

This track is a mix of ambient, post-rock, indie, and, maybe something else dark…such as trip-hop. With my love of sad and dark music, I’ve decided to post it on the blog instantly. The vocal manner is deep and the timbre is perfectly fit for this atmosphere. The sound of guitars with reversed delay and the drums with nice room reverb builds that cold composition. It’s like you’re walking across the city in the middle of the night, and a lonely newspaper slightly waiving on the wind.

Actually, from the very first seconds of the song, the author pushing us into the melancholic and slightly hopeless world of the track. I literally can feel that light cold air on my skin. But it’s not only about darkness. The song also has some sweet sadness and a reason to think about everything. At least in my case, it makes me feel calm. You know, when you understand that you are somewhere in the middle of your road, and there’s actually no way back, so you have no choice, but move forward. Enjoy <3