Sunspire – See You In My Sleep (2021)

Good morning, guys! Today I woke up in some dark mood. A lot of thoughts swarming in my head and I didn’t even want to do anything today. But then I get this song…and it fixed my state. Not fully, but at least this day became a bit lighter. Here is Sunspire — indie / dream pop music artist from the United Kingdom, and his fresh song “See You In My Sleep” Let’s try to fix yours!

If I would talk about my very first associations about this track, then I would say that this is something pretty special. Kinda hybrid of indie, dream pop, and suddenly, cloud rap 🙂 I will try to explain myself now (at least in front of the artist). That monotone vocal manner on verse parts, a bit reminds me of melodic cloud rap. The rest of the arrangement sounds like an indie-pop song with a bunch of reverb on the master bus.

If anybody here thinks that those words were a critique, then my answer is — no. It’s just my weak attempt to describe how this music was absorbed by my brain. I don’t know how about you all, but when I hear any music for the first time, my brain builds neuron links from my past experiences and my inner musical library. In general, this song perfectly fits my current mood, and I really enjoy it. The atmosphere and the line “staring at the ceiling as I listen to the whispers on the tv screen, the forest is on fire and I’m running like a deer between the trees” is real musical magic. Hope you like it <3