Nephilim – Neoblasphemer (2021)

Hello, guys! I’ve had a gig last Sunday (for the first time since summer 2020 btw). It was a hard day, but the energy of metal music still doesn’t release me. And today I am here to share a part of metal energy with you all! Here is Nephilim — death metal band from Düsseldorf, Germany, and their fresh track “Neoblasphemer”. Let’s check it!

This song is an absolutely crazy mix of old-school and modern death metal, black metal, and some other metal music. Incredible technique, great production, very sophisticated song structure, and arrangement. Basically, here is everything that I love metal music for. A massive cloud of darkness embraces me while listening to this track. Sudden transitions between fast blast beat parts and slow breakdowns…everything sounds great. I’d like to hear this music live someday 🙂

Sure thing, this music is far not for all people. But for true metal music fans, this track, and band, in general, will be a good opening. Hope you are one of those people. Enjoy!