Family Junket – Lulu’s Lullaby (2021)

Hello, my friends! Usually, I am not attracted to r&b music. But today is a pretty special case. From the very first seconds of the song, I’ve realized that this one should be on my blog. And, obviously, it’s here now. Let’s check it!

Probably, this is the most soulful, powerful, and hooking lullaby that I’ve heard for years! First of all, the arrangement. It’s not just some ambient pads or a piano melody with the vocal on top of it. It’s really sophisticated and interesting r&b mixed with indie folk (which is incredibly rare for lullabies….at least in my understanding of this genre). Then the vocal manner. It’s incredibly beautiful. The voice has some jazz shades. It sounds calm and relaxing.

And finally — lyrics. It’s really deep and thoughtful words. I suppose this song is not really for kids. Even though it’s calm and pleasant to the ears, It still has a deep meaning, which is most likely, will be too difficult for a child’s mind. I can only say — my deep respect to people, who writing that wonderful music and sharing it with the world. Peace <3