ROY ROY – Chalky Nuts (2021)

Hey! As you all probably know, I like music where a bunch of genres mixed…something experimental and mindblowing. Sometimes I am looking for something described above all over the streaming platforms, but sometimes this music finding me by itself. Today is of those cases.

So, open your mind to absorb this amazing debut song entitled “Chalky Nuts” by ROY ROY — nu jazz / experimental duo of Max Lambert and Archie Carron, based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Let’s go!

From the very first seconds of the track, I understood that this is something special for me. Jazzy mood and bass line, monotone spoken words, a pinch of a hi-hop, a bit of trip-hop and downtempo vibe, maybe something else which is unrecognizable for me. Everything ably mixed and “baked” in this fresh and crunchy musical bun. Really interesting music here. Well, hope you all catch this musical chemistry. Enjoy the music <3