Romanos – Summer Rain (feat. DOUGL3SS) & Lover’s Despair (2021)

Hey guys! Usually, I am not posting two songs in one post…but today I decided to do an exception. Because both songs are by one artist, and because they’re pretty close by the atmosphere. Today here is Romanos — slowcore / bedroom pop music artist from the United Kingdom, and his two songs: “Lover’s Despair feat. DOUGL3SS” and “Summer Rain”. Let’s check it!

Even though they are close to each other, they’re still kinda different as well. Lover’s Despair, for instance, sounds more chamber and folkish. The vocal manner with a slightly whispering timbre makes this song a bit like a lullaby. I don’t know why, but this song sounds like a soundtrack for a fairytale. I literally can imagine the story behind the music. Beautiful and calm song.

Summer Rain is more thoughtful for me. It sounds way much more atmospheric (probably, because of plenty of reverb effect). To be honest, I like this blurry / foggy atmosphere a lot. In general, I’d like to hear the whole album of music like this. I suppose it would be the perfect music for a lonely evening walk. Just imagine, you go thru the dark park, with warm light from the lanterns. The stars starring at you. It’s incredibly comfortable and peaceful. I think today’s evening will be exactly like this for me. Enjoy <3