Billy Vena – Shaggy Dynamite (2021)

Hello! A bit more than a year ago I’ve got a link to the pretty nice song by artist Billy Vena from my friend. The song was posted on my blog. And today I have a new song by Billy for all of you! Let’s check it 🙂

What can I say? This is a pop song for sure. But that’s not a pop song in the meaning of its trendy sound or something like that. This is very strong performed/produced and high-quality pop music, which deserves to become a hit for sure (at least in my opinion). Really, I’d like to hear music like this on the radio instead of plastic autotuned vocals and songs with just one viral phrase or melody.

I can clearly hear some neo-soul influences in this song. Also, I feel some nice old-school (90’s) vibe in the arrangement and the melody. In general, as I said before, this is top-notch pop music. The positive vibes and upbeat mood of the track will definitely catch your heart. Enjoy the music <3

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