Tomo – Oh Love (2021)

Hello, folks! Today I am here to share one more easy to listen to acoustic folk song. This time here is Tomo — acoustic / folk music artist from Bristol, UK, and his latest song entitled “Oh Love”. Let’s check it out right away!

We can hear an incredibly light and airy (even a bit lo-fi tasted) guitar sound, with a beautiful and soulful voice on top of it. In my opinion, that’s a base for a good-sounding acoustic song. Just easy to percept, and very beautiful music. I really like this song. It makes me feel like I am in a warm fog, which personifies the kindness of the universe. Well, it’s kinda weird metaphor 😉

Sometimes I can even surprise myself. How can be my musical preferences so wide? Today I can listen to the Cannibal Corpse and tomorrow music like Tomo. That’s pretty strange for most people I guess 🙂 But that’s probably a key for the music selection on my blog. Enjoy good music <3