Northling – Don’t Mind Me (2021)

Hi, guys! I am always waiting for something fresh and beautiful from spring. And today I am here with the wonderful and fresh song by Northling — nu-jazz / electronica music band from Manchester, UK. The track entitled “Don’t Mind Me”. Let’s check it!

I’ve checked all of their music on Spotify and made up my opinion about their music. To be honest, even though they say that the style of their music is nu-jazz / electronica, personally for me it sounds more like a mix of trip-hop and soft post-rock vibes. But let the authors choose tags for their stuff 🙂

Mellow voice, atmospheric reverbed guitars, the drums with a nice room sound, and some electronic elements merging together and creates this deep and pleasant musical composition. I don’t even want to think about the styles / tags of this music while listening to it. It’s just good music. Doesn’t matter how we will call it, nu-jazz, trip-hop, or death metal…

Long story short, one more great musical opening for me in 2021. Definitely goes to my collection and “daily” playlist for a long time. I hope you dig this band as much as I do! Peace <3