naket spheras – elf (2021)

Hello, my friends 🙂 Traditionally, sometimes I feel that my brain needs some psychedelic / experimental music. Otherwise, everything will become boring and similar. Today is one of those cases. If you prefer to hear some light, melodic, and calm songs then your best bet is to close this post. For all others — welcome to the world of systematic noises and ordered chaos!

Here is naket spheras — experimental / electronic music project from Berlin, Germany, and their fresh track “elf”. I am a really big fan of this kind of music. I totally love the process in my brain when it building its own composition while listening to the track. It’s like primordial chaos, and I am watching the birth of the first sounds in the universe. Those sounds immediately merging into the intervals, then into chords, and finally creates music in its pristine.

Well, maybe it’s too deep into my mind, but I hope you catch the metaphor. I don’t even want to try to describe this composition from the musical perspective. It’s just perfect how it is. Each distorted synth, each drum hit, and each word repeated by the delay. All particles of the puzzle are perfect fits here. Enjoy the music!